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Thread: Help finding drivers

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    Help finding drivers

    Hey all,

    I recently found webcam that I hadn't used in a couple of years...but once I hooked it up my computer can no longer identify it.
    Where can I find drivers for at Micro Innovations DC-350 webcam

    Have tried a google search, but they all want to download their driver finder...anybody know where I could just find a driver?


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    micro innovations is coming up as digital innovations

    try the contact information or the live help option to see if they have the drivers for MI dc-350

    Just did a google search for Micro Innovations DC-350 and come up with a couple
    sources for driver downloads that do not require a driver search application, but they do require registration in order to download the driver.. This is most likely so they can get your email address and send you news letters or other commercial/advertisement content.

    one is from Driverguide, although they require that you are a free or paid member of their service.

    They have the option to download the driver for free by viewing a series of ads.. It's difficult to find this option unless you follow the google search results to driverguides member page that lists the dc-350 driver. It's worth a shot, it appears that this method doesn't require that you provide contact information.

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