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Thread: who here misses an old school fps experience?

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    who here misses an old school fps experience?

    im talking solo shoot em up action.. n a modern setting.. not like the elaborate levels of half life or the war torn fronts of MoH or even the sci-fi of seriosu sam im talking fear/doom 3 style shoot some stuff gameplay?
    i have a game here i think you should see. its been out for a while april 2009 to be exact but is it ever a solid experience.

    code of honor 3!:
    those of you who may be reealing from bfbc2's nuttyness or codmw2.. broken.. ness may want to look it up. while the visuals can easily be compared to rainbow 6 vegas or graw2 its alot of fun and has a solid singleplayer experience while it lasts.
    its made by a little known developer called city interactive. they not known for much.. there newest title sniper:ghost warrior isnt bad either and is along the same lines as CoH3

    they are a developer that truly learns from their mistakes.. the other 2 code of honors were rubbish by comparison to the third one and should be ignored right along with their other titles (omitting their mysteries.. very fun point n click goodness) and ghost warrior.
    it usually retails for like 20 bucks atm and for 20 bucks yo wont be burning your money this i swear.
    here sniper ghost warrior engine trailer:

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    I just noticed this post and the videos since I was MIA for a time.
    Anyhow, COH3 reminded me of Rainbow6 with updated graphics and game play!
    I for one love in yo face FPS action and pretty much that is all I play whenever I get a chance.
    Perfect stress reliever too!

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    Every so often, me and my son break out some Unreal Tourney III and frag over LAN. It's fun with the Titan Bonus Pack
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    I still play UT3 occasionally with my now 11 yr old son! And now Starcraft II. My son keeps wanting to do a LAN party!!

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    I don't have any kids but I do have my inner child so that helps. I found out about Serious Sam 3 BFE which looked really good. So good that I ended up buying!

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