thats right folks.. the medal of honor will see us one more tour of duty. this time through modern day Afghanistan during current operations there.
this game which has currently been banned in Canada, Brazil, Australia, and the UK considering it. is targeting 3 million copies sold across both retail and steam.
if this goal is not met EA has announced that the medal of honor series will finally be put to bed with no further remakes/sequels/spinoff's. and that the license for the game will probably see a paper shredder near you.

now im never dystopian towards any game.. but MoH has been done and done again a dozen times and its current "modern warfare" setting has been done at least at least 20 times already (counting the bad ones and not well known titles
such as CoH3, sniper:ghost warrior, opfp2:dr, terrorist take down 1 & 2). this one wont be going over well. with the market which currently boasts 2 larger than life titles (bfbc2, codmw2)

fudzilla with more.