bfg is no longer with us folks.. shes done for! she has officially closed her doors as of a few weeks ago. the delay in my posting is my own fault.. sorry :S
they have fully denied all warranties and RMA's to all bfg products.
HOWEVER all of their still active warranties have been forwarded to PNY who have offered up 2 month window.. should your card fail or w/e within the next two months you can contact pny and get a 25% off voucher for any PNY gpu to replace it + you will receive a free copy of just cause 2 from eidos with your new gpu.
before they left us for good bfg left us with a small footprint as to what could have been.

in the event your bfg gpu still works you can still rma it for your free game and 25% off voucher (which only applies to pny gpu btw)
nice to know that from failing hands bfg threw the torch. they went down like a true soldier..