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Thread: Hey everybody who wants to go see the SOUTHERN ISLANDS!

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    Hey everybody who wants to go see the SOUTHERN ISLANDS!

    the play on words in the title is a reference to AT..i mean AMD's next radeon HD lineup the 6000 series. the families codename is southern islands and their set for the end of October. now these gpu's are expected to be about 25% faster than the current hd 5000 series the evergreens and thus far (given what limited benchmarks we have for them) this is filing down the line nicely with the hd 6350 (caicos) cleaning the clock of the 5450 in 3dmark vantage by 30%!! and the hd 6870 (cayman xt) wiping the 480 from the field even in benchmarks normally nvidia favored by a good 20-25% (crysis, unigine heaven, 3d mark vantage)

    now im about to drop a fistful of wisdom on you boys n girls i got photo's of the cayman XT:

    if you compare the results of the cayman XT 9same site0 to the results of the hd 5970 the 5970 actually loses every time by at least 10fps if not more and can match twin gtx 460's in many titles. the cayman XT ALSO has some refined stream processors making application of aa and af more friendly.

    next i got the caicos (hd 6300 series (tm we are assuming there is only one low end card its name is the 6350)):

    finally i have the barts XT (high end hd 6700 series) with a 256-bit memory interface and requiring 2-6pin power connectors, sporting a dual slot exhaust she is predicted to butt heads very well against the gtx 460 1gb and outpace the 768mb and gtx 465 soundly(that is not the reference cooler they simply placed it there to hide the die):

    i personnaly need to set a tone for the barts XT:

    the rest of the islands:
    barts pro (low end hd 6700 series), black-comb whistler (hd 6600 series??(yes that's all 1 codename)) and the new flagship (dual gpu)Vancouver (hd 6970 + 6990???) have yet to be seen but we expect more as the end of October looms.

    the arrival of the southern islands paints a grim future for nvidia as with their arrival comes OS3D which is amd's counter to 3dvision surround offering all the same features as the nvidia kit for less by about ooh 100 bucks with greater monitor support compatible with hd 5000 and 6000 series gpu's. as well this also welcomes in AMD's new physics processor the bullet engine(a relative of the havok engine). these coupled with the fermi refresh being next year and around the same time amd has their 28nm northern islands riding in from the west. nvidia might as well break out the calculator and crunch how far behind their getting.. im fairly certain by then they will be dawning on 6-9 months :P
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