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Thread: asus planning a second trip to MARS? (warning 56k!!!)

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    asus planning a second trip to MARS? (warning 56k!!!)

    last gen asus made a limited release gpu called the mars.. for those un familiar this WAS the fastest gpu on the planet last year toting dual gtx 285 core's this gtx 285x2 (the gtx 295 is dual 275 cores) anyway after this gpu came the ARES the 1.4k monster card.. now asus sets its sights on the nvidia lineup with a card codenamed MARS II this gpu has 2 gtx 480 cores on its board AND uses 3 8-pin power connectors making it the most POWER HUNGRY gpu on the planet. now before someone disbelieves or calls fraud.. prepare yourselves remain firm in your seats what you are about to see is 100% real and at the same time frightening to no end:

    prepare to have your power supplies pummeled!!!
    the mars II is currently denied by asus to exist but it seems inevitable.. asus be careful your treading on thin ice with this one.. your breaking the power limit of the pci-e 2.1 slot limit by a lot and using 2 cores no one particularly likes.
    ares vs mars II ...ready... FIGHT
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    my gf4ti4200 could take that thing!


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    but can it play TDR2000?

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    That bad boy looks like something from SkyNet.

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    Nice! all those square blocks do look like the exterior of terminator chip LOL

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