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Thread: gtx 460 to launch on monday! + biased benchmarks

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    gtx 460 to launch on monday! + biased benchmarks

    Monday, Monday, Monday!

    its the fight of the summer as the hd 4890 and 5830 tag it up against the gtx 460!

    prepare yourselves war is afoot. the 460 seeks to redeem fermi.. the 5830 trying to prove its worth the 5830 is a respectable card but has gone unchallenged as of yet due to all of its competition directed elsewhere.
    the gtx 460 strutting a lot of boastful stuff at an ideal price here is that the challenger is offering:
    price point of $225-$275

    great overclocking potential

    benchmarks are as follows:
    granted these are 100% biased as their from the same maker as the card tested (gigabyte) so naturally they would want their product to look good.. heck if they DIDN'T i would need to consider my worldview carefully.

    other relevant link:

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    benchmark link doesnt work so ill give you the rundown basically the gtx 460 at stock was about on par with an hd 5830 in most games beating it by at best.. 5-7fps and lost to it only in ungine heaven by the exact opposite (5.9fps)
    and at higher resolutions with AA and AF on it got beaten up by the 5830 by a frame or two in generally most games. it also had a significantly higher score in 3dmark vantage over the 5830
    this was the 1gb 460 vs the 1gb 5830 as a heads up.
    so if these are true the 460 looks to be somewhat overpiced and pointless for those who alrdy have a 5770/5830/gtx 260/9800gx2/4890/gtx 275/gtx 280 or anything superior. but for those seeking a GPU with GREAT ocing headroom making it stack up vs the 5850 by all means buy damn you.. BUY

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