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Thread: RoG gets to go straight to the bank.. ASUS ARES details!

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    Cool RoG gets to go straight to the bank.. ASUS ARES details!

    here let me set the mood play this in the background:

    the box contents of the asus ares are as follows:
    1 dvi-hdmi converter
    1 drvier disk
    1 asus ARES gpu
    1 RoG mouse
    that's right all of this comes inside of a safety deposit box
    the specs of the card itself are as follows:
    ARES boast 3200 stream processors, core/memory clocks respectively for 850/4800MHz, use 8pin+8pin+6pin power design, and equipped with 4GB GDDR5 video memory.
    this is truly the most epic gpu ever made and will be for some time.

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    Oh hell yeah! Now that's what I call a GPU!
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    now all it needs is direct link to sata attached SSD RAID to feed it enough data :P

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    benchmarks are in this things kicks ass!! not to mention its has similar crossfire powers as sli does for nvidia in that it can mix with ANY hd 5800 series and 5900 series that is out/will be made

    like it or not this gpu is now the FASTEST GRAPHICS CARD ON THE PLANET!
    power consumption is about the sae as a regular 5970 so is noise and heat performance wise its 10% better than the 5970 4gb toxic from sapphire and scales much better in crossfire. for all its fixings its a great card but impractically priced at exactly 1000 US (single card) (2 card crossfire scores (all of them))

    also on another note this gpu DOES finally knock the gtx 480 off its ungine heaven throne by about ooh 16fps hahahaha

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