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Thread: External USB mouse won't doubleclick

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    External USB mouse won't doubleclick

    A friend has a DELL laptop with Vista on it that she got last December. She's been using a wireless mouse, but it stopped working, so then she started using a different one. When she came to my house, she brought both mice with her, and I got the first one to connect okay, but the doubleclick wouldn't work. When she replaced it with the second mouse, suddenly the doubleclick wouldn't work with that one either. I've tried all four USB ports, with the same problem. The drivers are all up to date.

    The Synaptic touch pad works fine. It's only the external mouse that has the problem. And here's the kicker. It will start working out of the blue for a few minutes, and then just as inexplicably will stop working.

    Any ideas?

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    Weak battery or interference in signal?

    Does a standard USB mouse work OK?

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    Does the laptop power managment have "turn off this device to save power" or something like that listed in the device manager for the USB device/hub??

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