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Thread: cannot uninstall iRiver Manager

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    cannot uninstall iRiver Manager

    I've been trying to uninstall iRiver Manager with no luck. First tried through the control panel, but it never starts. Then went into the program file under the iRiver file and clicked on the uninstall file, but again, nothing.

    Searched the web without any luck. Hoping some of my non-geek friends will be able to provide me some advice.


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    You may have to disable/end the iRiver/moodlogic updater service via task manager before uninstalling/deleting the associated files. Log in as Administrator, then disable/end the iRiver/moodlogic services/applications via task manager.

    I believe the process that you are looking for is called updater.exe, once the process is ended/deleted, you can then delete the file/s. Look for the file updater.exe in the root of your sytsem drive, usually C: The other file may be called catgen.exe, located on the same drive/path as the updater.exe file.

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