news update from HWBOT:

Dear HWBOT users and overclocking enthusiasts,

This mail is to inform you that the first edition of the HWBOT Country Cup is already halfway through. This Wednesday, December the 13th, stage 4 is finished and will be followed by a stage which is all about single threaded Wprime 32M. For more information, you can visit the HWBOT Country Cup information page (link underneath).

Currently, we see that Romania is leading the ranking, followed by Russia and Iran. The difference in points isn't that big, so scoring high in the next couple of stages still gives you a chance to win one of the six k|ngp|ncooling LN2 containers.

We invite anyway who's interested to join the competition and wish every participant the best of luck.

HWBOT Country Cup 2009 information page:

Best regards,

The HWBOT staff.