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Thread: GUI debug error

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    GUI debug error

    Has anyone ever seen a GUI debug error that pops up when you boot into Windows? The title of the dialog is "GUI debug" and the exact text of the error is:
    22:19:33 (Char) PPInit

    Someone said it's printer related, but that's the only info I have.


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    haven't had that issue personally, however, after some quick google searching for the same debug error regarding PPInit, I managed to find several other forum posts with suggestions to resolve the issue, (if you have a printer) The most common suggestion was to unplug any printers from the computer. log in as administrator then uninstall the printers/printer software, from device manager, add/remove software and remove or delete any printer's listed in the printers and faxes menu via the start menu/settings then printers and faxes.

    Once you have the software/drivers and any printers from the printers and faxes menu removed, restart the PC. Then follow your printer MFG's installation instructions, to install the printer software and plug in the printer "sometimes they suggest to install the software, then plug the printer in when prompted, except this time (if your printer was connected via USB) you want to plug the printer into a different usb port than it was previously.

    There was one unique listing that mentioned some file corruption that needed to be deleted,

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