Modern warfare..

Whats your kill to headshot efficiency?

It took me 22991 kills (11 days, 8 hours) since July 25th, or 84.5 kills per hour played; to get all my gold weapons, except shotty's, that means that out of all my kills the HEADSHOT ratio is about 13 percent.

There's 7 assult weapons, 5 smg's, 3 LMG's, 2 Shotguns and 5 sniper guns... So I figure, in order to get a gold weapon for each class, you have to get 150 headshots, for each weapon in that class..

Add up the number of weapons per class that you have golden weapons in, then multiply the sum of all these weapons by 150, then devide this total by your total number of kills in your rank/challenges menu to get a percent/decimal... 3000/22991=.1304 or 13 percent