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Thread: Props to Cauzomb for a good trade.

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    Props to Cauzomb for a good trade.

    I sold him my water cooling stuff and he came through on his end. There were some initial problems getting the pump working properly, but he stuck with it and got things working.

    Good Trader!!!
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    Thanks; to return the favor

    Bought some watercooling gear from acruxksa, items were in good used condition, quick shipping, came with some quick connect fittings and some hoses. As mentioned I had a couple problems with the pump at first, had it looped back on itself to test it out but that was not a workable configuration, this pump needed to have all the components hooked inline with more back pressure on the head to function right, FWIW the pump in question is the older swiftech mcp600, the radiator and hoses were fine, the waterblock is one heafty chunk of copper, sweating some barbs or screw on fittings to the block should be no problem.

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    To add my $0.02 worth, I've dealt with Caz years back and never had a problem.

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