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Thread: the age old question...

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    the age old question...

    are CRT's better than LCD's? setting aside the fact that no company with any sense will sell you a CRT monitor.
    LCD's are more portable and less bulky than CRT's but CRT has a better resolution I am told. more importantly they can be serviced unlike the LCD which must be thrown away/recycled. so..argue away

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    CRT pros:
    1.Clearer picture
    2.Better contrast
    4.Last longer
    LCD pros:
    1.No scan lines
    2.Thinner and lighter chassis
    3.Less power consumption
    4.Very little heat produced

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    The power and space savings of my dell 19" lcd are a big plus for me. I get better color and contrast with my LCD than I do with my phillips magnavox 109s CRT

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