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Thread: WaterBlock, Pump, Radiator - $75 shipped

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    WaterBlock, Pump, Radiator - $75 shipped

    Swiftech MCW6000 Water Block (no retention bracket, but swiftech still sells them)
    Swiftech MCP600 Pump
    Swiftech 120.2 radiator (sized for 2 120mm fans)
    Various fittings that came with the kit.

    *note* this is not a complete kit, it is missing a few things. Mainly the retention clip and possibley a couple hose clamps and quick connect fittings. Also, no tubing.

    I used it for about 6 month, but stopped because I had trouble getting the hose clamps to seal to the waterblock properly and it would eventually start dripping onto my R9800Pro (happened twice in 6 months). The block doesn't leak, but the two barbs that stick out of the block are smooth and the hose clamps I had were to narrow to properly seal the connection.

    Water Block

    ****SOLD**** to the guy in the third row wearing the red sweater vest.

    $75 shipped usps priority mail - PM me for other arrangements if shipping international.
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    The pump will go nicely with my current watercooling setup, allong with the radiator, you got PM.

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    holding my head in my hands in disbelief, I can't believe I just paid 3 million for that car!!!!!!!!! oh, sorry having daydreams that I am MR Ferrari at a barret jackson auction :P

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