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Thread: help s-video out to tv not working

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    help s-video out to tv not working

    Okay, I'm experiencing the same problem, but here's the catch:
    Last year I was using a TV here in China with absolutely no problems. I followed the advice on the site that is still first to come up when searching for this problem (, and it worked all year.
    Now I am in a new city with a new television, but it does not work at all.
    TL, thanks for the picture, it was actually quite helpful, except that where your computer spots "generic tv," mine only offers "default monitor" and "plug and play monitor." When I went to my system to check out what devices I had for monitors, there were two "default" and one plug and play, which seemed odd to me.
    Anyway, I'm using an S-video out directly to an S-video in to my TV, but when I go to activate the second monitor it goes back to unselected as soon as I hit apply. This is a new problem for me. I went to some other sites and they recommended downloading various things, but I use that only as a last resort, as I don't need any more crap on my already slow 3 year old computer! haha
    So, being more thorough from the pictures provided, does anyone know why after plugging everything in and restarting a few times I still have no TV detected by my good ole computer?

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    Hello hektor, Did you do the standard, turn computer off, plug in the s-video cable between the tv and computer graphics card, turn ON the TV, then turn on the computer. The graphics card should detect the TV as a display device in the graphics properties.
    Is it just a regular S-video cable or something special from the graphics card MFG?

    What graphics card make and model are you using?

    Word of advice while asking for help in the forums, even though the question is similar, don't ask for help in someone elses thread, especially one that's near 2 years old. People might not even look in here due to the original post date.

    Moved your help question to a new thread, hope this helps.

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