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Thread: I visited THEIR neighborhood

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    Thanks, my uncle would probly say, "why not use a winchester instead" LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurcoLoco View Post
    Wow...nice pictures!! Made my mouth all watery...I must be hungry!!

    good to know I wasn't the only one picturing a 29" piece of carbon fiber following a two blade magnus broadhead thru just behind the shoulder.
    back from hiatus.

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    I used to shoot something like the magnus broadhead from a fiberglass recurve, but no carbon fiber shafts lol, only ever into a hay bail with a domino's pizza box for a target.. I hate target arrow heads, and I sucked with the recurve until I got my first compound bow, with adjustable sites, then got a little better, but I outgrew the tiger martin after a while, my reach was too long and the draw weight was getting too low for me. Never really got back into it but now that the local archery range is opening up again I may get another setup and go at it.

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