Spammers target owners of privately registered domain names

Domain name registration through "domains by proxy" may have leaked private registration info to spammers, or there may be a security issue allowing spammers to target the owners of privately registered domains, using the registrars contact info, in an effort to either hack or scam the owner of the registered domain, by sending spam emails with links to hosted data, which would cause the owner of that private domain to request data from the spammers server... Or the Domain names have been leaked(cough#sold#cough) to spammers via the recent 3rd party private registration info handoff via domains by proxy.....

The private domain name registration was a service to protect the identity of domain name owners, their personal email addresses etc. Somehow the spammers got their email addresses. Some emails have already been intercepted that were targeted at the owners of private domain names, the nature of the emails were pharmacy advertisement spam..

The spam email may also be a technique in computer forensic science to isolate an individual and identify that person and tie them to a specific computer/IP address by using the advertisement hosted data linked to in the emails.. It may not be random, it may be a government tactic to violate privacy by manipulating already in place services, so that they don't have any direct link to illegal wiretapping..... and all the companies are providing the little quarks that make it impossible to pinpoint data sources and associations, so an individual that is having their privacy violated, cannot seek legal action in their favor..