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Thread: Green screens with Geforce3 TI 200

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    Green screens with Geforce3 TI 200

    i brought a new graphics card Geforce3 TI 200, un-installed old card driver, installed new drive but when i turn pc on for the start up the screen is green instead of black with white writing, when its loaded my desktop is fine usual colours, tried loaded warcraft and it goes bak to being green and i cannot figure out why, also anything thats white on the screen is more of a pinkish colour.. help

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    ouch, I still have my Gforce3 Ti 200 64mb DDR Video Adapter sticker on the side of my monitor I remember my brothers monitor had a bad cable crimp near the back of it, sort of turned desktop colors pink/blue if you wiggled the cable it would re-connect itself enough to display normal colors, but I don't think I've been able to fix a green post screen. Different display modes such as 2d desktop, 2d vesa vga 800x600 or 640x480 for BIOS post and 3d modes have different refresh rates that the monitor needs to switch to automatically, so when there are artifacts when it switches modes, it's usually an issue with the monitor refresh rate. Since you're having trouble in both modes the graphics card or monitor may be defective or not using a compatible refresh rate.

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    Im out of computers for 4 years and come back to a green screens?! What has Bush done to the world?

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