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Thread: Video Card with HDMI

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    Video Card with HDMI

    I have a HDTV and using HDMI HD source because it carries both audio and video and also I have been told that HDMI provides the best Picture.

    Current system:
    Panasonic Viera LCD
    SAMSUNG BDP1400 Blu Ray
    Cable DVR settup box with HDMI
    Connected by HDMI SWITCH
    Does anyone know if the ATI 9600 is HDMI capable?

    ITs confusing because the card shows a DVI connector, but I have heard that the DVI on the ATI 9600 carries audio so essentially works like HDMI.

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    I don't have any direct experience with hdmi, however, here's a link to the 9600 specs at ati.

    If nobody has anything to add, you might try contacting their customer service regarding hdmi

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