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Thread: domains by proxy handing off private domain info to 3rd party

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    domains by proxy handing off private domain info to 3rd party

    Got an email stating that by some new law the registrars are required to have private domain registration information and domain name ownership records passed on to a third party in the event of system failure or some other event that would cause the domains by proxy servers to loose ownership records..... I say it's a scam so that some third party can have access to the ownership records.. The reason I say this, is that my purchase records are proof enough that I OWN the domain names that I have registered.. They are rolling over, bigtime.. they have no right to disclose private information to a 3rd party, nore any reason, they can just have an inhouse backup and off-site but still not 3rd party backup of the information.... When I questioned them about this, they gave me a canned response saying if I would no longer like to use the domains by proxy private registration, that I can cancel at any time, and sent me a link to cancel my private domain registration service.... here is what they say about having private domain registration...

    I made it clear to them that it is just another opportunity for a scape goat to be blamed for security situations that lead to disclosure of private information... I say they are doing the bait and switch; and also false advertisement of the services rendered to customers.

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    Here is a copy of the email.

    Important ICANN privacy changes

    Dear NAMED,

    We know you value your privacy. So we wanted to let you know we've made a
    required change to our privacy policy:

    The change is in compliance with an effort by the Internet Corporation for
    Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the global organization that governs domain

    To protect consumers from losing their domain names if the registrar goes
    defunct or loses its accreditation, ICANN now requires all registrars to store a
    copy of their registrations with an outside data storage firm. This protects you
    by ensuring that there will always be a valid record of your domain ownership.

    The storage provider we've chosen is legally obligated to safeguard these
    files. Your name and other personal information will continue to be protected, but
    now with an added layer of security.

    Domains By Proxy.

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