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Thread: Total Newb to Video card specs, break it down for me?

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    Total Newb to Video card specs, break it down for me?

    I notice on video card descriptions there's all sorts of numbers and words. I always thought that the higher the first number the better, but I see some lower cards that are worth more, for example:
    (Making stuff up here)

    Radeon 7000 64MB DDR, AGP 4x, DVI, VGA, TV Out

    Diablotek Radeon 9200 / 128MB DDR / AGP 8x / DVI / VGA / TV Out / Video Card

    NVIDIA GeForce 5200 / 128MB DDR / AGP 8x / DVI / VGA / TV Out / Video Card

    All 3 cards are the exact same price, 34.99 on
    Is one of them better than the others or are they all the same?

    I know AGP is the shape of the slot in your computer, I have AGP in my machine. The VGA/TV out stuff I understand is the output options since I've done S-video and a monitor before.
    The 128MB DDR is the Ram on it, that's like RAM in addition to my computer's RAM right? The card will draw from the RAM on the card before my Computer RAM right? And I know about DDR and DDR2, it's just upgrades from previous versions.
    But what do the first 4 digit numbers mean? (7000, 9200, 5200)

    Is there one brand of card that's better than another or is it all just opinion like Intel vs. AMD?

    I bought a Radeon before and couldn't get it to function, but never have had a problem with Nvidia.

    Also I'm in the market for a Video card but don't want to spend more than 75ish dollars. Anybody know of any good cards/deals?

    Will a PCI card work in my computer? A PCI slot is the White slots that most computers have a number of lately right? I think I have about 5 or 6 in my computer in addition to the AGP slot. It's what my Soundcard, Ethernet card, ect is in right?

    I found a nice card for 35, marked down from 169. ATI Radeon 9250 256MB PCI

    Um, WinXP, 1gb Ram. (May upgrade to 2GB soon), 2.8GHz Processor
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    Search and read reviews on budget agp cards... There's several good ati cards that work in your price range. For example the old ati x850 series AGP card is pretty good, but they have better AGP cards now, they just cost more due to AGP being old, PCI-E is the new standard. Nvidia has a geforce GS series card for agp but I'm not sure how much they cost, it really depends on where you buy it though, newegg is pretty good on prices/shipping. I haven't dealt with tiger direct. And stay away from the low customer review rated vendors, most of them pull stunts like calling you back and giving you a hard sell on something else that is in stock for 3 times more, they put things online for dirt cheap, then when you try to buy it, suddenly it's out of stock etc.....

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