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Thread: System32 opens on startup!

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    System32 opens on startup!

    Ok so last time I posted on this issue I gave up... I am lost and confused and need some professional input. Microsoft is aware of this issue and has some Registry fixes and what not that I don't really understand completely but I'm pretty sure I have no incomplete reg values or keys that shouldn't be in there. Here is a link to Microsoft's help and support page on the issue :

    I've checked my windows startup under "msconfig" and nothing out of the ordinary in there either. I've attached a logfile...Maybe this will help somewhat? I'm really worn out from this but am willing to provide any information and what not needed to fix this problem. Thank you so much!
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    The most common reason for this issue is a startup entry for a file that points to System32 folder as its location yet it either no longer exists (most common) or it has been moved/renamed.

    Sometimes a malware scanner will remove the infected file but somehow miss the related startup entry causing this minor issue.

    If you know what you are doing and know all installed apps on your system, you can compate the currently running process/applications to your startup entries (04) of HijackThis list and whichever startup entry didn't appear in the currently running processes list, that could be the culprit entry.

    A more practical approach would be to download and use the freebie Autoruns, unzip it anywhere on your system then run the autoruns.exe file, once the program starts its scan, press the ESC key and then click: Tools > Hide Microsoft Entries then press F5 to refresh.
    Once the scan is complete, look at the Run/Startup related parts. Check for each startup entry and then examine its icon, if there is a generic/unknown file icon (white box with blue frame) then look for its 'Image Path' info, if it shows 'File not found:....' delete it!!

    I hope this helps.
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    Follow ~TL's advice for sure, this may narrow things down...question however...why is regedit running in the background while this HJT scan was taking place? Also note your java is way out of date.

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