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Thread: Can You Reverse A System Recovery?

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    Can You Reverse A System Recovery?

    WINDOWS XP 2002 Desktop

    I meant to do a restore and ended up doing a total system recovery and of course lost all my programs. If a system recovery reversal is impossible (I do not have a backup on a disc) is there any way to re-install my programs without the CDS?

    This hurts bad.


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    there's some programs here that might be able to restore your previous file system. No garanty it will work, but you might be able to recover some of your work.. best bet is to recover the work, then reformat and re-install your applications if you have the installation cd's

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    On top of what cauzomb said. Chances are you will not be able to recover your data at all. The system recovery is meant for one thing, to wipe the computer back to the factory state. You can try some recovery programs, but it may be well too late for that.
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