I'm selling (2) 1GB PC2100(266mhz) Reg ECC DDR sticks of ram for a friend. Some PC guru suggested these for my friend to buy, however his guru was an idiot and the modules dont work on my friend's A64 mobo.

$150 money order - shipped via UPS & insured for $200
(2) 1GB sticks
PN# A6834-60001 (Hewlett Packard part number)
Infineon chips(17004-00)

I have both items in my possession, both appear to have been used(contact etches) - but are clean, have all SMDs, and no burn marks/smell.

1. I will be working out of town Mon-Thurs, I can only ship on Fridays.
2. I will personally offer a (5) day warranty from the date of the UPS sign-off. Any problems occurring within that 5 day - we cross ship modules and payment back.
3. Since these items are not mine, price isn't negotiable. Sorry...
4. Sold as pair
5. Any shipping damage is to be taken up with UPS(thats why this will be insured). I will personally package the item, which will be well protected.

These sticks are for server applications, dual Athlon/Opteron mobos and most of the P6 & P7 Xeon mobo's.