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Thread: Owned by Spyware!! Please Help?

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    What am I doing wrong? I feel a bit of a melvin here!!! In startup I held down f8 and it brought me to the same option window as if i just pressed f8..I presume it doesn't make a difference?
    Hey, don't feel bad, I truly believe these machines have a built in command that says "make the operator feel like an idiot"...LOL...we all have felt that way, many, many times!

    As far as getting into the command prompt, if you got in there then no problem.
    Why not try using CCleaner that you downloaded earlier when we began all of this. It will clean out the files we are trying to remove anyway. Just run it in Normal Mode and use the Default Scan only. Let it analyze and then remove whatever it finds. Then reboot the computer and see if the errors still appear.

    Also, have looked and looked for info on your "grayware" listing TSPY_PUPER and can find virtually nothing, except the same info from others that you have posted about it found by the Trend Micro scan but not removed. I would have to guess that it is also known, somewhere, by another name and quite possible one of those trojans found by your various scans and removed was probably this one also. Honestly? I don't know.
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