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Thread: Linksys NAS200 New router Need Help!

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    Linksys NAS200 New router Need Help!

    Hey all...been a while since I've been here (I guess that's a good thing)?!

    Anyway, as the title says, I've got a Linksys NAS200 that I use as a common Hard Drive on my home network. My old router took a shat so I got a new one (Netgear N900), and now my Network Drive is not being recognized by any of my computers.
    I'm pretty sure I understand what the issue is (the router is putting out a different IP address than the old one), I just can't figure out how to get into the NAS200 and change the setting (I've long since lost the setup disk). It's been so long since I set it up, I'm not even sure where to start.
    I tried Linksys support and they were less than helpful...any help you can provide would be appreciated...I'm not computer literate, so the simpler the directions, the more likely I'll understand...perhaps you could even write in crayon...ha ha

    Thanks for your help


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