Any help that could be offered on a problem I have run into would be much appreciated.

I have run into something odd and impossible to get rid of. I had heard of a java exploit that sounded similar to what I am experiencing and can't seem to get rid of it. I can, however, work around it.

Here is a description of what occurred. I received a redirect from a shoe manufacturer's page yesterday. Afterwards my screen went blank for a moment then returned to a blank IE screen set in full screen mode. Near the top of the screen it IE states that it stopped me from going to this site because it may be "malicious." However, I can not tab out of this screen or close it. The only thing I can do is hit ctrl+alt+del and either log off or shut down. It is also preventing me from using the task manager and booting into safe mode.

My work around is such: If I log into my windows user I immediately hit ctrl+alt+del to bring up the user control menu. There, I wait about ten seconds until all my start up programs are finished loading up. Then I hit "cancel" and my computer operates as normal.

I have done a DDS scan and can post the results here for you if needed.

Once again, any help with this problem would be much appreciated. Attach1.txtDDS2.txt