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Thread: Corrupt setup file warning keeps appearing

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    Corrupt setup file warning keeps appearing

    I have a popup that appears repeatedly warning "The setup file is corrupt, please reinstall" I had a suspicion it was related to an attempt to remove an Ask Toolbar with Avery Label Templates, but using Uninstaller Pro stalled that process as well. Therefore, I think I have the right program, but how can I uninstall its remains? I searched for every file named Ask, Toolbar, or Avery and uninstalled each pertinent file with Revo, which was able to trace and to remove the remains of these files in the registry. However, after performing this on every file I could identify, this warning pops up about once an hour yet. It doesn't seem to slow my computer appreciably any longer like it did at first, but is there a way to identify the source of this popup so that I can eliminate it? When I tried to install the Ask Toolbar from the actual file I originally used (still cached in Downloads) it wouldn't permit it stating an installation is already in progress.

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    Why do you even want the Ask Toolbar? Delete that file from your downloads. Run this tool and post back with BOTH logs it produces. Both logs must be copy/pasted, NOT attached.

    Download DDS by sUBs and save it to your Desktop.
    Be sure follow the instructions below carefully
    • If your AV has a script blocker, please disable it
    • DoubleClick on dds.scr to run the tool
    * A command box will open, displaying added information for your reading pleasure while DDS completes its scan.
    * Upon completion, a Dialog Box should open instructing you to save and post the TWO resulting logs (DDS.txt & Attach.txt).
    • Copy&Paste both the DDS.txt and the DDS Attach.txt into your post for assistance.
    Notice I say copy/paste BOTH logs. The Attach.txt log says at the top to attach it, please do not attach it but copy/paste it also
    Both of these logs are very long and because of that may take multiple replies in order to post them here. Please split the logs carefully as each and every line must be seen.

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