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Thread: May have a problem with Firefox

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    May have a problem with Firefox

    About 3-4 weeks ago Firefox 14.0.1 started acting funny. At first it would crash on opening, repeatedly....then I found that switching from: auto detect proxy settings to manually detect proxy setting would solve the problem temporarily....sometime for a while...sometime until next reboot. I was running the latest Java 7 update 6 at the time, and the latest Version of Adobe Flash Player.

    Since the JAVA 7 security stuff all over the web, I have completely removed all Java from my computer. The only add ons I run are NoScript, AdBlock Plus and Page Zoom Buttons.

    The problem: For about the last 3-4 weeks I've noticed it now takes about 5 seconds to load my homepage: This page used to load in under a second. I have tried reverting to FF 13.0.1 and now am running FF 15.0 ....same problem. All else works fine....just on initial takes like 5 times longer to load home page. I have 35/35 FIOS...and no speed problems.

    I run Symantec Corporate AV, ZoneAlarm Firewall, SnoopFree Privacy Shield, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Malwarebytes (free). I've run all scans, including SuperAntiiSpyware, TDSSKiller, and even ESET NOD32 online Scanner. They all come up clean.

    I'm on Win XP Pro SP3 with all the latest updates, and have made no hardware or software changes.

    I ran Gmer and tried to run DDS (won't finish)

    Attached are TWO GMER with Firefox open and one with it closed, AND Snoopfree Privacy Shield uninstalled.

    ....edit: Or do I have to copy and paste them..I don't see an attach symbol after my thread.

    ATM the only plugin enabled and running is Adobe Flash Player (latest version)...and the 3 extensions mentioned above.

    Any help would be appreciated....thanks in advance.
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