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Thread: Do I need all of Epson printer's files in Startup

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    Do I need all of Epson printer's files in Startup

    I recently installed an Epson Workforce 845 printer on my network and it has installed four files into Windows Startup on my old XP laptop. The are FUFAXCRV, FUFAXSTM, EEvent Manager, & EPL Target\P0000000000000000. This is an old computer and it seems to take longer to boot since installing this printer. I routinely disable other Startup entries not routinely used, but can I disable any of these w/o disabling printing? BTW, I don't use the FAX as I have no land line.

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    These three likely are not required but this one, EPL Target\P0000000000000000, may very well be needed.

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    I don't think so... I think it can work without that... try it first if it works fine then you don't need it at all.

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