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Thread: DNS changer virus?

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    DNS changer virus?

    Anyone heard of this thing going on between US/FBI and some Estonia based server that is being used as a HOST for a "DNS CHANGER VIRUS"..

    Considering the millions of people that are currently online, the news reports are stating that 1 and 4 or 1 and 3 are infected with the dns changer virus... I dunno how they figure this out without violating someones privacy, but they seem to know that there's between 250k and 350K infected machines./

    I'm guessing, since we have none of that nonsense here, all our DNS are verified or backed up via public DNS, and all our machines are regularly virus scanned by up-to date anti-malware and anti-virus apps.. Our internet will still be working when I get on the computer in the morning..

    I'm thinking.. The internet might get a bit faster tomorrow; when the FBI shuts down the Estonia server, effectively denying service to the infected computers via them no longer having DNS access= more available bandwidth....

    Might be a good time to go play some COD4 or MW2 or blackops!, or maybe a good time to go out and buy stocks in trust worthy anti-virus/anti-malware companies that are known to be able to scan for and clean the DNS changer virus and get ready to re-sell those stocks...

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