F.Y.I. The program known as HiJackThis, often used in the past to assist with malware removal is no longer used and no longer being updated by Trend Micro.
With the introduction of the Vista operating system and continuing now with the introduction of Windows7, HiJackThis just "didn't do the job". It failed to see correctly installed and actively working Windows services and processes. It also failed to recognize perfectly legitimate drivers now used on first Vista and now Windows 7.
With the additional security added to Windows 7 there are many "errors" noted by HiJackThis, which, in reality, are NOT true errors or signs of infection but triggered by this additional operating system security.
We strongly advise that people stop using this program when a malware problem is suspected and use instead the widely accepted DDS scanner. It does a more thorough scan and produces a much more detailed description of the computer and what may be going on with the computer. st