Here the dangerous sociopath Raid/Dustin Cook threatens another man's
family with harm.)

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More options Jul 2 2002, 4:55 am
Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus
From: (Raid)
Date: 1 Jul 2002 11:55:04 -0700
Local: Tues, Jul 2 2002 4:55 am
Subject: Re: RaiD is rattling his "bones" again... ( (mEMe) wrote in message
> Yes, RaiD and I would have to agree on that score. Sorry... (

What score?

> But rightly or wrongly despite the "good" that RaiD has "not done",
> (if you get my drift) wrt singularly myself, here in this case of
> involving my family, I chosen to make an exception now by revealing
> his private email immediately. As PaX would have done?

You involved your family when you made it your goal to persecute
individuals you don't even know. I've simply reminded you of that fact
that YOU yourself, your single person is not the entire target range
should any retaliation occur.

The primary goal of any retaliation is to hurt you. If hurting you
more can be accomplished by involving your family; it would be silly
not too. Wouldn't you agree, fool?

> Sure it is swift retaliation and I should have at least counted up to
> ten as I've recently learnt at DBT... (

Nah Brian, You took the bait. You posted an email that wasn't meant to
me, or so you thought. But the real jokes on you "matey". I wanted to
test your trust, your so called "honour". As I expected, you were
lying about that too.