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Thread: Wireless on laptop no longer working

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    Wireless on laptop no longer working

    Hey all...been gone for quite some time, glad to be back.
    My son has a Toshiba Satellite A205 S5880 laptop....he's not sure what he did, but now his wireless is no longer fine with an ethernet cable.
    Probably something pretty simple, but beyond my scope of knowledge...can somebody help?

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    First and foremost, and this is usually overlooked, make sure there's no physical switch on the laptop somewhere for the wifi, and if there is, make sure it's on
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    Quote Originally Posted by patmac6075 View Post
    he's not sure what he did, but now his wireless is no longer fine with an ethernet cable.
    Pat, also, what does "no longer working" mean? Were you using Windows own Wireless to connect or a 3rd party?
    Can you see the wireless connection icon in the system tray? If yes, are there no networks listed or is there an error message when you try to connect to one?
    If no wireless connection icon is listed, then make sure it is still listed in the "Network Connections" panel?

    After checking on what Gizmo suggested, here is what I would suggest you can do:
    1. START
    2. RUN
    - or press Windows Key + R
    3. Type ncpa.cpl
    4. See if Wireless Connection is listed, if it is, make sure it is not disabled.
    If it is disabled, then you can enable it by right-clicking on it and selecting "enable".

    Next check to see if Windows wireless service running, if not turn it on:
    1. START
    2. RUN
    - or press Windows Key + R
    3. Type services.msc
    4. Scroll down and check to make sure Wireless Service is not stopped and/or disabled.
    I am not sure how this service would be listed as in XP it is called "Wireless Zero Configuration" and in Windows 7, it is referred to as "WLan AutoConfig"

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    Computer says that i am missing a driver and/or my driver is outdated. . .i attempted to install a new updated driver online, but it did not help. now what?

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    What was the driver for that you installed? Where did you get the driver?
    Here is the Toshiba Driver page for your specific Toshiba Computer. That is where you should look for the driver.

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