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Thread: What Smartphone keeps your pocket lint company?

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    What Smartphone keeps your pocket lint company?

    Wadda ya got?
    Wadda ya looking forward to?
    Which carrier is making you soar in unpleasant places?

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    I'm using a dumb phone right now... Tablets are where its at I've found a "dumb" phone simply works better as a PHONE

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    I'm currently using the Samsung Captivate Glide from AT&T. I hate the fact that it's a carrier subsidized device, etc...but I wanted a device with a HWKB. My N900 just wasn't cutting it anymore and this was the closest I could get to a device that does what I's still not perfect, but will have to do for now...
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    Currently I have a Droid 2, which I hate. The slide out keyboard just takes up way too much space, and I never use it. Also the battery life sucks, and the screen is sub par at best. I'll be upgrading to either the Droid Charge, or the Galaxy Nexus in about a month. Depending on price and availability.

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    I'm currently rocking the painfully slow Blackberry Curve 8300. Soon to be upgrading to Bold 9900.

    Pretty stoked for the 9900 should be a very nice change of pace, work just needs to finish piloting our call management software.

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    Personal = HTC HD2 w/ CyanogenMod 7.2 OS
    Work = Droid X2 with Typhoon CM 7.2 OS (Shhhhhh, they don't know )

    It's hilarious,...all my co-workers think I'm lying when I tell them I can tether my Laptop on my phone (stock OS it's "Locked" and requires a fee to unlock it)
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    A pile of wood and a blanket.

    All I have is a Palm Treo 650. Windows OS, don't know - nor care which version. It's connected via a AT&T GoPhone account. The next phone will be something more basic. I hate having to look around for the dial pad app to use a frig'n phone.

    If I ever win the lotto I'll hopefully someday be phoneless. The only reason I have one is due to work.

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    My Iphone 3 has been with me ever since I started to do freelancing work.
    Wanna try switching to Iphone 4 soon and sell it to anyone who might need it.

    I hope my dad buys it so I can ask for extra money for the Iphone 4 though.

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    I'll be upgrading to either the Droid Charge.
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