Yes, it's Judy. I am not saying your computer is out of date, can't say one way or another because I haven't seen a log which would tell me that. What I am saying is the MBA-M log you posted is really not worth anything because that particular program was not updated before you ran the scan with that program yesterday. Every type of scanner used must always be fully up to date before using it. Security programs, especially MBA-M release multiple updates every single day. It won't scan for a newly found type of infection unless you run the program with the latest updates. It cannot because it won't look for them.
The ONE absolute rule when using security programs, any security program is Update BEFORE the scans are done. You did not. So the scanner did not scan for any type of infection that was released after January 2, 2012 because that is as far as your program database goes.

If ESET is run correctly and you tell it to save a log items found are removed then it will produce a log which can be found at this location ON your computer;
C:\Program Files\EsetOnlineScanner\log.txt.

Not sure what log or program you are referring to when you say Bleeping. There is not a program called Bleeping but a web site, called bleepingcomputer. They have tools for download and I presume you are talking about some sort of tool but I don't know which one you are talking about.