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Thread: Virus on a Windows Vista machine

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    Yes, tried all steps - SuperAntiSpyware was really fantastic and brought up and removed loads of threats.
    tdsskiller found nothing

    Tried Revo and that didn't work, but I will look at the other links.

    Thanks so much for your help, you really have been fantastic!

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    Ok keep us updated - as a final scan to cover all options.
    Online Antivirus Scanner

    BearShare seems to be running at startup.
    uRun: [BearShareInstall] "c:\users\dave\appdata\local\temp\bearshareins tall er\nswB3C6.tmp.exe" /N


    Check if BearShare is running - if yes - disable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by S Templar View Post
    BearShare seems to be legal - but streaming football can bring some adware with it.
    A bit of a pain to remove it seems.
    I am still checking suggestions - some listed here.

    How to Remove Bearshare |

    But make a backup of the registry first - before using eHow suggestions.
    How To Backup Registry In Windows Vista

    Uninstall / Install | BearShare Support

    Check if they show up in Revo Uninstaller.
    Download Revo Uninstaller 1.93 Free.

    Have you run all the scans in post #6?
    While "allegedly" legal, it is extremely dangerous. Even their website is dangerous to visit. STAY AWAY from it 100% even their "How To Uninstall Page" is dangerous.
    According to Web Of Trust, Bearshare has Trustworthy rating of 2...out of a possible 100...what does that tell you?

    We need to see the logs from MBA-M and the logs from SAS. Please, DON'T do any registry editing at this time. MBA-M WILL remove infected registry entries making the manual editing usually not necessary.
    We will also need to see the entire log from the ESET online scan too. Post those logs and then we can better advise you on the possible remaining steps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janine View Post
    And a program called Soccer Inferno. I can't remove this
    This is not a program, it is a toolbar. It doesn't show in the DDS logs except for an uninstaller .dll file listed 2011-03-08. Where do you see this?

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