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    Smile down loading pictures

    hello, my mom has a hp s1931a with the windows 7
    she asked me to ask ya'll how to get a picture from her facebook to e mail any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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    She will need to download and save the picture to her computer and then when she sends the mail either attach it or embed it in the mail.
    Tell her to put her cursor in the middle of the picture she wants and choose Save image as....This will give her the ability to save it to her computer, say where she wants to save it in order to be able to find it easily, name it and designate the file type. She should likely save it as a JPEG File or .jpg file (which are actually the same thing just written differently, she may automatically get the pre-selected when she chooses to save it and this is easiest to then attach or embed in an email.

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