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Thread: Internet connection/network question.

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    Internet connection/network question.

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    I recently upgraded to Optimum Boost (50Mbps/8Mbps), I've been maxxing at just under 12 Mbps down speed. The tech just left and his laptop was getting 46 down. Hook my PC back up and it's back to 12Mbps. My laptop hooked direct to modem only gets 8Mbps down.

    Neither of my computers are that old (5 yrs approx) and both running WinXP, Zonealarm, Avast antivirus and using Firefox. I've messed about a little with the network, not fully understanding what I am doing. Any ideas what could be throttling my speed without seeing what changes I've made to settings?

    Thanks in advance to the wonderful geeks here. Will try to find a Optimum online forum to ask in as well.


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    What kind of connectivity do you use? Wireless, wired?

    How is the network adapter connected to the PC? If it is USB 2.0 - well, 12Mb would be about right because that is the limit on USB2.

    Some of your network settings might not be configured right. For such a connection your Max MTU should be set at 1500. If it is set for older DSL or dialup that may be the problem.

    One thing to try is turning off all of those protective applications long enough to test your speeds.
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    Real speeds always tend to be only a fraction of the advertised speeds. You only ever get close to an advertised speed within about an hour of reboot for the modem. Try a reboot right now and see if you get close to the same speeds the tech got when he was there.

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    Hello! What about, when your wireless router connection doesn't work on wireless device after updating? How to fix it? Thank you!

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