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Thread: HELP! Won't boot

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    Exclamation HELP! Won't boot

    Thanks for looking.

    I have a Compaq Presario SR5501P which has been very seldom I tried to start it up and all it's doing is making an internal beeping noise (one short one long...beep....Beeeeeeep) over and over again? Bo screen nothing....I've tried to unplug and when I replug it in it immediately starts beeping?
    I have a recovery disc, but it won't accept it...just keeps beeping....


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    Hi likely to be a Ram [memory] problem.
    Remove all sticks of Ram - clean the copper connections with a pencil eraser and reseat them in their slots.
    If more than one stick - try to start PC with one stick of Ram at a time.

    Memory test.

    Download and burn the ISO to CD
    Boot from that CD and run the memory test overnight or at least for a few hours.

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    Thanks...I'll give a try.

    I always appreciate the help I receive on this forum.

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    You nailed it S Templar!

    Cleaned the RAM and bingo...started right up.


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    Good news - thanks for the update.

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